The application of ByeByeCellulite - How to use it correctly:

What you need to take care of when applying ByeByeCellulite to fully exploit the enormous potential effect.

Our cosmetics, and in particular here our unique cellulite treatment ByeByeCellulite, develop their full potential in the deeper skin layers, precisely in the layer where the cellulite fat deposits and water retention sits which are responsible for the dents and dings of the so-called orange peel.

This mechanism of action is carried out in six stages (as well as a modern space rocket at various stages of the path to the target of the travels).

The best possible result with our high-tech cream only can be achieved if the skin has previously been properly cleaned.

So be sure to always advance cleanse the skin thoroughly.

The skin must not be "sealed" by other creams, so be careful before, please no shower gels or skin creams to apply, as they often work with parabens, and this "seal" the skin and prevents the quick transport to the destination.

So wash the skin thoroughly beforehand, do not rub until it is red, just wash, with a medical pH neutral soap (such as Sebamed or another medical soap, that has no parabens or paraffins in it), do not bathe beforehand, otherwise the skin is too soft and swollen. (You know this bath effect). However, even such soaps often have parabens or paraffins in the ingredients. To play it safe, we recommend therefore to use our specially developed cleaning products, specifically here the

Tonic Water Cleansing Water.

Remove any dead skin cells and grease residues

The most effective way to remove all the dead skin cells and grease residues from the skin is the Tonic Water Cleansing Water. Best use is always before using our ByeByeCellulite or other Effect Cosmetics. The Tonic Water is made of plant-based and contains no parabens, paraffins, silicones or other skin irritating chemicals. This gives you the confidence that the skin is cleaned and prepared accordingly.

Redness and warm feeling when the first applications

The first applications can cause a reddening of the skin, a feeling of warmth or even a slight burn. The reason of these sensations is that our ByeByeCellulite is made with metabolism stimulating and bloodcirculation stimulating substances, so that we achieve this very unique effect of ByeBye cellulite. This effect in this form in a purely vegetable and solely natural ingredients cream produced is unique worldwide.

These reactions are perfectly normal and resolve when your skin adapts after a few days of application of the active ingredients.