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10th March 2016

Take a pic before you start a cellulite treatment that works

When you start a cellulite treatment that works you always should take a picture before the first application, This is essential for your success.

Your subconscious mind tends to ignore the status quo when it sees actual pictures of your body. Your inner voice starts to say, oh my god, that was not worse before, or I do not see any progress now. So the one and only way to convince yourself that it really has become better in such a short amount of time is to have a picture of the status quo before and then after you started the treatment.

This way you cannot lie to yourself and see the real time progress in pictures.

It is also recommended that you control your weight regularly while treating your skin with byebyecellulite. My niece started 4 weeks ago with a weight of 65 kg and now 4 weeks later she has lost such an amount of water and fatdeposits on her legs and her butt that she has a weight of 53 kg. that sounds unbelievable to be reached with a cream alone, but that is the special 6 step process of Bye Bye Cellulite, because it work massively with burning fat and getting rid of waterdepots as well.

So it is for your own selfconfidence to control the incredible progress this cellulite treatment provides.

It is completly up to you if you take the pic 2 hours after the first treatment, a day, or three weeks, just do it to proove the success to yourself. So you do not let your subconscious fool yourself and you will get the best motivation for yourself.